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By offering patient-centered care that encourages clinical and service excellence.

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We are dedicated to becoming the region's leading healthcare network

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We are enhancing people's quality of life via greater health, we serve the community.

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We are top choice for our patients, employees, physicians, employers, volunteers, and communities.
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Enhancing Life Quality Through Better Healthcare.

Our mission is to provide high-quality care in an approachable, considerate, and sympathetic way. We aspire to be the first and top healthcare option, and we sincerely hope you will let us take care of you.

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Dr Ethan Hyunho Han

(Chairman and Founder)

We try to serve best service

Patients’ lives have been touched by Ethan Expert, who is also caring for the sickest members of our community.


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What is Consultio Medical services?

We are the first employee termination and human resource compliance solution for small business. We’re your full service outsourced HR team. Bambee can help your business with employee conflict resolutions and terminations.

Can we help with labor laws?

Yes. We’ll make Department of Labor regulations easy to understand, and ensure your business is compliant on both the federal and state level.

Can I terminate with a disability?

Employers can fire workers with disabilities under three conditions:
  • The termination is unrelated to the disability or
  • The employee does not meet legitimate requirements for the job

What is an employee handbook?

A good employee handbook helps to ensure that employers can effectively manage their workplace. It contains all of the policies, procedures, working conditions, and behavioral expectations that guide the workforce at a particular company.
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Meet Dr Ethan Hyunho Han

All of our administrative and support staff members have been trained to help you with all medical inquiries and have great people skills.

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Dr Ethan Hyunho Han


We will collaborate with you to create individualized treatment plans that address chronic disease management. In the event that we are unable to help, we can recommend practitioners or offer guidance. All inquiries are handled delicately and with the utmost confidentiality.

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We are the top choice for our patients, employees, physicians, employers, volunteers, and communities. By enhancing people’s quality of life via greater health.


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